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The Packing Process: Choosing the Right Fastener Supplier

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Aircraft and automotive assembly requires precision and close attention to detail. The same is true when it comes to selecting the right fastener supplier. From the manufacturing process to packing up the product for delivery, you'll want to ensure you've picked a supplier as committed to perfection as you are.

When it comes to the packing process, here are some guidelines you'll want your fastener supplier to follow:

AIAG Compatibility 

Make sure your fastener supplier has AIAG certification. These are the highest global standards for automotive and aircraft supply chains. This will assure you the fasteners you purchase are 100% reliable, and can endure the environment they are exposed to. AIAG certification also proves that the suppliers you are dealing with offer superior quality when it comes to product delivery. 

EDI Capabilities

EDI is Electronic Data Interchange. It allows easy exchange of business documents from one computer to another, through a standard electronic format. There are several benefits of converting paper based business into the electronic format. For starters, it is a lot cheaper, faster, and definitely more accurate. If your fastener suppliers have EDI capability, you can save time and resources. 

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)

ASNs are facilitated through EDI. This is used to make an organization aware that a shipment will be arriving. It contains valuable information like the shipment identification number, packing slip data, details of the content, the container number, freight information and purchase order number. It can be used to create receipts, reducing the need for data entries. It is prepared by the supplier, and in case it contains errors, the customer will notify the supplier immediately and corrections will be made.


Good Customer Service

It is highly important for you to receive high quality customer support from your aircraft and automotive fastener suppliers. Stock-outs, inventory mistakes, and wrong orders disrupt your business and cost you more money than necessary. Your suppliers need to provide you with the right assistance in terms of customizable inventory management features, a variety of fasteners from which to choose, outstanding delivery, sufficient information on the products they are selling and proper engineering support.


Maintaining quality and safety standards should be your fastener supplier’s primary objective. Secondly, the supplier should offer you ways and means to support your business. For the best fasteners in the aviation and automotive industries, AKKO Fastener is just what you need. They make it their life’s goal to provide reliable products. Call today for the best quotations and deals on aircraft and automotive fasteners.


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